Meet Barron Soh. President of the Singapore Physiotherapy Student Council.

Previously from SR Junior College, Barron enjoys spending time in his own world , do knock at his door , he’ll be more than glad to invite you in.

So don’t judge him because Barron’s got style.

Meet our trusty Vice president, Chua Hui Min.

Previously from Anglo-Chinese Junior College, Huimin derives the most satiscation at making people, especially her patients smile. Unlike most of her peers, Physiotherapy was never one of her first choices. However, 1.5 years into the course and being on the council has totally changed her perspective.

One of the biggest lesson that Huimin has learnt is that, it is very important to keep an open mind. There are protocols to follow in every and any organisation. But daring to break new ground is important to breakthroughs. Physiotherapists, cannot be closed up to only one treatment for one ailment, because everybody is different.

A diligent and focused young lady is exactly what SPSC needs as Vice President. She is often teased for her eye for detail and perfection but is also valued for that trait as well.

Meet Sheryl Chua. Secretary of SPSC.

Sheryl graduated from Nanyang Junior College, which is not a cheena school by the way.

One thing that Sheryl loves about physiotherapy is the close-knitted physio family we have in Singapore. It’s really heartwarming to work alongside with full-fledged physiotherapists who are as enthusiastic as the students to make a difference in our profession locally.

And one other thing that Sheryl loves about this profession is knowing that our fingerprints don’t fade from the lives we’ve touched, that we are one step closer to having our patients regain their confidence.

Everyone says that she is blonde although she has black hair. However, don’t laugh at her blondeness but please do laugh alongside because she’s sure to crack you up someday.

Meet Ethel Soh, the team’s treasurer.

Ethel graduated from Anglo-Chinese Junior College before entering NYP Physiotherapy. What she loves most about physiotherapy is being able to interact with people and helping patients regain their confidence. Her area of interest lies in Neurophysiotherapy and she hopes to advance on to do physiotherapy related to Cerebral Palsy kids.

A cheerful girl who’s always on the look out to make someone smile.

Meet Ezora Wong. The team’s Public Relations IC

Ezora was from Jurong Junior College and ex-Captain of the school’s Touch Rugby Team. Her greatest epiphany, since her journey to become a physiotherapist, is to never underestimate the human spirit. It can lead to a person’s demise, or one’s route to recovery. She believes that to treat a person physically, she also has to tend their heart.  She hopes in future she is able to be a Physiotherapist for a sports team.

Who says physiotherapist can’t be tiny? Ezora Wong proves otherwise. She is the team’s trusty Public Relations, overseeing everything such as our facebook, twitter, noticeboard, publicizing events. In future, she strives to seek more opportunities for the council to advertise for the profession and course in NYP.