PT Day & Night Cycling

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Word of the year : Juggle.

Though we are through with 80% of Year 2 Semester 1  before YOG break, though we only have one more Prac exam and one more theory paper, I still find it extremely challenging to study and plan events at the same time. Such events are Physiotherapy Day 2010, Night cycling and our very first Council Retreat !! We are extremely happy and relieved to have 10 Year1s to do this with us because we have so many ideas (yes we are an ambitious bunch of kids) and extra manpower will be awesome. Amongst them, 5 will be the next exco members, the 2nd SPSC. So you can say they are all  interns, or apprentice. In a way, Barron, Huimin,Sheryl, Ethel and I areall Donald Trump, or Martha Steward since she was featured in one of the seasons of The Apprentice (:

Physiotherapy Day 2010

Happening on 25/09/2010 at Vivocity amphitheater. Apart from setting up our own booth, we are also involve in the designing of banners, adverts for newspapers, poster for our mugs brochures for the event and other miscellaneous stuff. All of these have to be done in less than a month’s time! Time crunch !!

The other day Vivien, Geraldine, Adeline, Daryl and the 5 of us were down at Vivo, together with Maureen Chye Tuan Christina and the contractor, to recee the place and discuss about the layout for the booths and stage. Gained a valuable lesson about event planning and coordinating with external sources. We have to be clear of our objectives, budget and think of possible problems that may occur.

Night Cycling ( 3 Oct 2010 tentatively)

Because the previous one was a success, we decided to do it again! The thought of it excites me.  We are going to have a different route this time and its currently in the makings. We are very fortunate to have Lions Club supporting us in terms of logistics, and planning. Everyone, please note this date down on your calendar !! Having a discuss tomorrow in school with Clare, Tamlyn, Karilyn and Zino to brainstorm on the possible routes we can take (: Jeremy, Barron and Huimin’s classmate, will be there to help us as he is an avid cyclist and runner. Previously, he was the one of the mastermind behind our  57km route (: Definitely an asset for this event.

Really appreciates his assistance. In fact, we are really thankful we have some really supportive classmates/coursemates.


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    i like the word juggle

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