One Semester down.

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With the Year 1s having their Anatomy theory paper tomorrow and Physiology on the 6 Sept. With the Year 2s completing our last musculoskeletal prac exam and currently mugging very hard for the upcoming cardiopulmonary paper on 7 Sept. With the Year 3s back for their theory papers after their 5 weeks of clinicals and their on-coming Final Year Project (FYP). With all these happening, folks, we are one semester down.

For the Year 1s, how is this journey? Exciting? Overwhelming? If you think this is fun, wait till you are able to piece all that you have learnt together, see the big picture and be able to treat people! Well, if you think you are already studying your hearts out for semester 1, wait till you get to semester 2 ! Be prepared to sacrifice not only your cardiovascular functions, but also your muscular, respiratoy, circulatory, endocrine, renal system etc. Your get my drift. Semester 2 is going to require so much more of you, your time, dedication and brain cells. Keep up the good work though (: Able to tell from all the facebook statues that all of you have been mugging real hard. Enjoy the process of studying, the company of your classmates and your Clinical 1A. Do tell us about it (: We love to hear all your First Times.

For the Year 2s. My beloved Year 2s. We started the year thinking we have all the time in the world to study. But due to YOG, our exams are pushed forward. The month of July and August was DA BOMB. One prac after another, one presentation after another, and a string of theory papers  as ‘icing on the cake’ We lose sleep to finish presentations. Lost even more sleep for cardiopulmonary prac. Oh, what a nightmare it was ! Stroked out for neuro practical and its 60% theory paper. Insane amount of notes to cover, screwed up our circadian rhythm but still carried on the same routine until the last paper. Not to mention on top of that, many of us have other commitments like church, part-time jobs, family, CCAs and Council work for us. Gosh I can go on about it. And I’m sure all of you will have a couple of stories or reflections to share with us about those hectic weeks. We would love to hear it from you (: We are halfway to becoming a full fledged physiotherapist !! Eggciting much !

For the Year 3s, hardly see any of you in school after you left for Clinicals. The last time I saw all of you was at the beginning of the year where the Director was announcing all the students in Director’s List. Though we hardly see any one of you around, I know that doesn’t mean all of you aren’t hard at work. In fact, you’re coming close to the last lap. Soon, all of your will be Physiotherapists. I can only look at you in awe and  figure out how all of you got through. In a way, I strive to be you. To get to Year 3, to graduate with my awesome classmates, to be on the way to be a certified Physiotherapist.  Thank you for giving us advice, sharing your notes and giving us some heads up and tips for certain subjects or lecturers. (:


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