Semester 2

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Reading Ezora’s post on what we’ve been through…I just want to tell you guys that I’m ever so proud of you all. (:

Being a physiotherapist is so much more than just studying & getting good grades. It’s a people job. We interact. We learn on the job. We love our patients & we love what we do.

Today a church friend of mine told me about his condition and the mechanism of his injury. Apparently he might have injured his medial collateral ligament. In year 2 sem 1, we were taught how to perform the valgus stress test. So I suggested doing that test on him.

It’s interesting because as we go deeper in our journey to being a physiotherapist, we can start seeing our unfinished work in individuals all around us. We all might need a physiotherapist some day. (:

Sem 2 has been a whirlwind. Commitments, commitments and more commitments. We’ve fallen, but thank God for awesome coursemates that will pick us up each time we falter. And many a times, we reach a point in time where we doubt if this road is meant for us. We get weary of trying so hard for good grades. Honestly, this semester, I arrived at this point many, many times. But when I see my coursemates working so hard, I’m reminded of why I chose this unconventional road in the first place.

I was walking back one day after school, weary from the late nights spent mugging for exams and practicals, and just being so worn out. I saw the kids from the place I used to volunteer at during my JC days. I remembered why I chose to be a physiotherapist.

So I urge everyone, don’t ever forget your passion, don’t let it die down. Remind yourself why you chose to be a physiotherapist. And in the end, know that this will be worth it. (: And don’t feel scared if you feel like this isn’t for you, because we all feel that way sometimes too. But remember, you’re not alone, you have awesome coursemates to egg you on this journey. Let’s make this journey one that we will remember for life. (:


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