The initial period.

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I remember the day SPSC 2010 was formed. I only knew Barron personally, and I only recognised Ethel from ACJC. I looked at Ezora and I thought, ”Man, this girls looks super fierce. I’m going to have a hard time working with her.” I looked at Sheryl and I thought.. ”Okay, this girl looks pretty nice. Maybe it won’t be that bad after all.”

On hindsight, I have no idea what possessed me to join council. It really took a leap of faith to put that hand up. That gesture meant commitment for the next year. It wasn’t because of Barron, I think I’ve proved myself already. I think it was because I wanted to become a better person and to be more rooted in my desire to be a physiotherapist. & 9 months on, I have never regretted a single moment of joining council at all.

The journey is never what you quite expect. It’s more than that. There will be more downs than there are, ups. We have our fair share of internal conflict HAHA. We have our days of uncertainty and doubt, our days of worry. Our packed schedules and overload of emails to read. Our other commitments that we have to pay equal if not more attention to. It has been a whale of a time and I will miss it. In fact, I am already starting to miss it. It will be a tough time letting go. & my team mates tell me to quit being such a control freak haha.

9 months on, I’ve discovered that Ezora is actually an amazing and fine young lady. That Sheryl has more heart than anyone else. That Ethel amazes me all the time.. like this blog? & Barron has a mind that is too deep to be penetrated by anybody.

This post is actually for you, my juniors. I am sure that all of you will be bonded as a team, in time to come. You have to always remember that all decisions are done for the greater good, that as long as you are united as a team, nothing can shake that solid foundation. That this journey will be difficult, but the end point will be worth every single bit of that heartache, that pain and the effort that you put in.

That first impressions are not always right.

When your schedule gets jam-packed and you feel like you can’t breathe, take a moment to think and note that.. You are never alone. & You never will be.

This journey has been a more than amazing one. It has been enriching, life-changing and humbling. I’ve learnt many things. I’m excited for you folks.

Okay evidently this post is getting disorganised and emotional. I will attempt to carry on another day.

But as of now.. CONGRATULATIONS.


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