Getting to know you.

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So.. the new council has been selected. & we(Y1&Y2) have been spending some time together. 🙂

The first outing we had.. was before the interview sessions. We went for ice-skating @ Kallang together. guess we chose that place because we thought it’d be fun for people to bond, because i guess the majority of us didn’t know how to ice-skate. and it’s through these ” trial and tribulations” in life that we grow closer. HA. and yep, we broke the ice there, PUN INTENDED. i guess that was only the beginning to the journey that these amazing people will share together.

The ladies (: As Barron always calls us.
When you fall, you don't always have to stand up by yourself (:
At the end of the day, it's who you linked hands with that matters (:

Exams are finally over. we went to the barrage for some kite-flying yesterday. it was pretty fun, though it was a pity some people cldn’t make it. the purpose of it was to get everyone together after the announcement of the results, for them to begin to know each other better and of course, to have some post-exam fun!

Our kite !!
Reach for greater heights
Kite runner

it was blazing hot yesterday, but we had fun anyway. we bought two kites, one of which was torn eventually. so we were left with one. most took turns to have their hand at kite-flying. there were some bimbo moments, some moments that i wish i could stay in forever, some moments that will always be imprinted in my mind. it felt heartwarming that all of us were together, that they have made an effort to come down though probably they all had post-exam plans, that other than work, we could still have fun together.

Constant tugging and loosening. Go figure (:
Look to greater heights

coming from a senior’s point of view, my heart smiled when i saw the lot of them sitting together – laughing, snacking, screaming. it felt magical, like they have known each other for some time and were just having a day of fun together. it felt like I was a mum,  watching something close to me grow. Like council has been my baby, and now it’s going to be someone else’s soon. i was just standing by the side and watching, fearful that if i walked over, i’ll spoil the moment.

I see sunshine in your face.

soon, it’ll be time to let go. and i know and trust with all my heart that, my baby will and is going to be in great hands.


One thought on “Getting to know you.

    sheryl said:
    September 12, 2010 at 1:03 AM

    this warmed my heart (: no wonder you were standing by our side!! 🙂

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