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In the HOME section of the straits times , Thursday September 2010.

It has been officially announced that Registration will come in pretty soon.

The question is…

1.) What is Registration?

2.) How will PT students be affected ?

3.) Why is everyone ( including PT students ) fighting for registration?

Information about the Registration can be found at

The student council will share our views on Registration in future post. More imortantly, it affects us and we should be concern.

Just to share what’s on my mind:

” Is Singapore really ready for the growing population of Physiotherapist ? Would that be jobs for everyone ?

It is not about the increasing population of physiotherapy professionals that i’m concerened about. What i’m concerned about is whether if there are enough job openings for all graduates ?

Singapore is grooming more PTs, it’s clearly seen in the increasing cohort size from inital number of 20 + to present 80. Assuming that 20% of the cohort goes for a degree  conversion. this leaves 64 graduates to fight for jobs in different hospitals. Not forgetting foreign competition and graduates coming back from overseas. Every year, there’ll be more than 80 students applying for a job as a physiotherapist.

The question is …. are hopsitals developing fast enough ( in terms of physiotherapy ) to accomodate to the annual intake of 80++ students ? I really dont think so. It’ll eventually reach a saturation point and our “iron rice bowl ” may not be so irony aferall.

It may not happen this year or next year but it’ll happen if no one looks into the problem.

What makes it worse is scholarship and sponosrship. I’m sure most of the students are bonded. You can have your job for 3-4 years but what happens after that? What happens to you when you’ve completed your contract and the hospitals are over-staffed? would that be enough job titles for everyone to get promoted ? i seriously wonder how competitive it will be in the future.

I’m just hoping that the rate at which we groom students would be more or less on par at the rate hospitals are expanding its capacity to take in more physiotherapists. ”


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