Birds fly high, hard to catch. Friends like you, hard to forget

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For birds, I meant kites. Figurative speaking. Both fly in the sky.

Initially I thought kite-flying was just another attempt to get to know our new council members, another chance created by us to have fun. Never occur to me that there might be a bigger meaning to it. Symbolic interactionism. Think Sociology.

The kite is our Year 1s and the string attached is us, the Year 2s.

Trying to get the kite up to fly was difficult. I didn’t know how to hold the string, absolutely clueless as to how to keep the kite flying and didn’t know how to catch the wind, that sort of things. But eventually I got the hang of it, thanks to Daryl and Atiqah !

Getting the kite flying, keeping it up in the sky, required constant tugging and loosening of the string. Exactly like council. As all of you might already know from our blog, we are in the mist of power change, aka handing over to the next exco. In this period, there are dilemmas like giving absolute autonomy for projects to the new council, yet worried that they aren’t able to cope, that they will  think that we are making use of them or that they will not be able to perform up to standard. The constant push and pull of power. Just like flying a kite. You tug the string of the kite to create tension in the string, to keep it afloat. Then once its stable and the wind picks up, we loosen to let the kite drift further up. Ultimately, they are still learning the ropes, and we are also learning how to ease up. All so that the kite can reach greater heights.

Running this council has given me wonderful experience and insightful perspectives to many things. One of it is life. (Gosh don’t mean to sound old and supposedly-wise here HAHA) Yeah, establishing this council has been such a tedious, cadiovascular-wrecking yet fulfilling process. Like what Huimin said, this is our baby. We will always be holding on(in a way) to the green handle with a string attached to the kite. Just to let you know, we will always be watching over you like Big Brother (: Figurative speech.


One thought on “Birds fly high, hard to catch. Friends like you, hard to forget

    Tamlyn said:
    September 12, 2010 at 12:20 AM

    Don’t want to sound chessy but reading the posts from Ezora and Huimin, I am honestly and sincerely touched by the passion and commitment the Year 2s have for the council. Really. It’s really inspiring how they’ve managed to revamp and revitalise so many things and brought the council to where it is today.

    Personally,sometimes I wonder if we’ll ever be able to fill those big shoes. But I am also excited and inspired to carry on the great work that they have started.

    It is not by chance that they are in council. And I believe it is also not by chance the we (the Year 1s) get to learn from such awesome people.

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