The Recee Part 2

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Yes, details now.

Areas that are aching : Upper and middle trapezius. Point to note : Don’t carry a sling bag, or any bag for that matter.

Recee route

So on wednesday, it rained the whole day. I was worried that the roads will be still wet when we set out, worried that the rain would not stop in time, or continue after we have set out, can the girls handle the distance? will the traffic be safe? Seriously, these thoughts raged a war in my head. Thanks to the assurance of Jeremy, I didn’t call it off. And looking at how geared up the girls (and boys) were, took a leap of faith. Cautiously optimistic I supposed.

Switched to another bicycle rental store because they allow us to lock our bicycles outside the shop if we return before they open. All we have to do is lock the bikes in 4s and throw the key into their key-drop. Brilliant !! One of the problem solved (: Inspect the bikes, conducted  a short briefing and we took off. Before leaving ECP, made the call to restrict one of the members to be on the road as it was extremely dangerous for her case. Unfortunately, had to stop her from participating further as she wasn’t up for it, in terms of bike handling. Tough call. Being the organizer, though we are not responsible for everyone’s safety, we still want to ensure that everyone is competent enough to make it back safely.

From ECP to Marina Promenade, rather smooth sailing. No major slopes, traffic was still manageable. Took a break at Marina Promenade where Zino and girls took pictures. Indeed, it was a picturesque pitstop (: From Marina Promenade to West Coast Park, had so many incidence of cardiac arrest and respiratory failure. This part of the way tested our safety awareness, prediction of traffic, biking skills and how composed we can be. Once at WCP Macs (second pitstop) we ate and did another briefing.  Everyone was tired by then. Much reluctance was noticed when I said we were to mount our bikes again. HAHA. Secretly, I was in much pain too ! But I knew we had to push through.

From WCP we took Jalan Buloh and made a big round to Tuas and finally exited at Boon Lay Drive.  In that stretch of approx 10km, we conquered 3 or 4 slopes !! My quads were accumulating lactic acid like it was free for all. Breaking point Number 1 for all of us )): Took several short breaks in between to recover, which immediately result to zero when we mounted our bikes and went for another long stretch of road and slope. Guess all of us were extremely relieved when we emerged from the industrial area ! HA.

Continued onto Commonwealth Ave. Several more slopes at Jurong, Clementi,  Bouna Vista all the way to Singapore River. At this point of the night, people are really feeling the fatigue, soreness and mental exhasution. We were only at clementi at 4am, 2 hours to ECP, to better the morning rush hour! So we made some changes to our route, skipped alot of places we wanted to go. Like Mei Ling Street, Singapore River, Boon Kheng for nasi lemak. To complete the recee was on everyone’s mind, all trying to reach ecp asap. Plus it looked like it was going to rain. Imagine the relief when everyone ‘touchdown’ at ecp. Even though we still had to cycle some distance back to the rental store, everyone was still pedaling, probably from the adrenaline (:

Despite not completing the original route which was 60km+, despite not being able to go to places we wanted to go, this recee was still a success by itself. The girls pulled through !!! I am soooooo proud of them, and myself yet again. Like I have mentioned in my profile, I am always surprised and inspired by human spirit. We made mistakes along the recee and we learnt from it. What we are going to do from now, is to improve the route. Definitely going to strike off Jalan Buloh as they were wasted distance. We can make better use of the energy saved from that portion to explore Singapore River and such (:

New Route will be out sooon (:


3 thoughts on “The Recee Part 2

    Geraldine said:
    September 12, 2010 at 2:21 PM


    It was my 1st time night cycling on the roads & I never imagined myself to be able to complete such a crazy distance, what with all the killer upslopes!

    Just wanna say A BIG THANK YOU to all, SPSC 2010/2011 & Jeremy & Beatrice. I’ve learnt SO much more abt myself & everyone else. Let’s hope the cohort will have fun on the actual day itself!


    Tamlyn said:
    September 12, 2010 at 12:36 AM

    Yes, the pouring rain during the day was really unnerving. Was literally on my knees praying for it to stop! Thank God for holding the rain in as we cycled through the night and for keeping all of us safe!

    The route was indeed an uphill task (pun intended)but all in all, we cycled and we conquered! Now,we’ll be working on a new route and we shall be more than conquerors!!

    Special big thank yous to Jeremy and Beatrice who led the way and helped us sooo much! And of course, for all the patience and guidance the SPSC 2010 has blessed us with. YOU are greatly appreciated!!

    WengHoe said:
    September 11, 2010 at 11:51 PM

    Great effort and well done to the recce party. The recce definitely save the main party from a lot of unnecessary pain and agony. 🙂

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