Things you can do this holidays :

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Chunkiat's table.

1) Pack our study tables. I think  you know what I mean if you are to take a look at YOUR study table (: Better start cracking !

YEP Cambodia

2) Take part in YEP. Or volunteering. A group of students from Physiotherapy, together with some nurses are flying to Cambodia as I type here. They will be there to build playground, provide some medical checks and give out items that were donated by our fellow lecturers and students of NYP. Personally, I think that YEP is an excellent programme for students to bond, cultivate leadership skills and compassionate. Having been part of this programme last semester ( I went to Thailand Wiengkean with Barron and Huimin), my greatest reward would be the smile on the kids faces and the hospitality of the villages. Anyone who has been on YEP trip will understand that, what we received from the people is so much more than what we went there to offer them. They reciprocated us with much more love, much more hope, much more hospitality. One of the best times of my life (:

3) Spend time with your family. Need I say more? Family is always priority (:

One of our night cycling pitstop (:

4) Participate in Night Cycling and PT day 2010@ Vivo!! HAHA yes I am advertising again (:

5) Revise!! Yes, you don’t want to cram your work again !!


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