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As I promised, here are my updates for you guys & just some of thoughts that i took away from the dialogue session held at MOH building on the 15 Sept.

Sheryl & I were both pretty excited, so we agreed to meet at 515 at Outram Station and head down together. But as you know if you both two dimwits together, we took about half an hour walking round the entire SGH before we finally arrived at the place. Thank God for GPS and iphone. haha

The Auditorium filled with so many different Allied Health Professionals. Including Medical Social Workers, Radiographers, and even Bioengineers. Many of whom were very concern as to why the bill was only made for 3 specific health professionals (PT, OT, ST).

So what exactly is this Allied Health Professional Bill about?
It is a law that will be implemented in 2012 for 3 specific Health Professionals, PT, OT, ST. This law would serve to regulate the practices of these Health Professionals.

Why is there a need for such a law?
The purpose of the bill is to protect the public. Therapy is becoming more popular for many. In addition, the numbers of health professionals are growing, and hence, there is a need to regulate these practices and ensure that the public is receiving good and necessary treatment.

What about registration, how does that work?
Registration means, having your name registered with the Council (a allied health professional council will be establish so to come), with your name and details recorded. The Council would verify as to whether you are able to practice here in Singapore, and how much scope of practice you are able to do so depending on your qualifications and peer review.

There are several levels of registration.
1) Full Registration
This is a very general scope. You will be able to practice independently.
2) Restricted Registration
Scope of practice will be restricted
3) Conditional Registration
Support & regulated by an organization
4) Temporary Registration
Highly supervised, mainly for training and research purposes

So how would this benefit me?
Maybe from a students point of view, it’s quite hard to see the big picture. But just ask yourself, have you seen several foot reflexology & TCM clinics use the world “Physiotherapy” loosely in their posters/ sign boards? and have you ever wondered if they are certified physiotherapist?

With the law in placed, it will firstly, help to restrict such acts, for example, saying you are a physiotherapist without being registered with the Council. Secondly, it will help to boost the image of the profession, increasing the standards of practice.

But, NYP will only provide me with a diploma, will I be at a disadvantage as compared to those with a degree?
NO YOU WILL NOT. (: friends, there is no need to worry about this. The council has criterions in terms of who is qualified, and NYP Diploma happens to meet all the standards. Hence, you will be fully eligible for full registration.

Just some addition thoughts
This is an exciting new thing that is going to happen, and we are a lucky batch because many of our seniors and adults have fought hard for this. Knocking on MOH’s door for years now, and we have finally been heard. Be very thankful that we are one of the Allied Health Professionals that have been chosen. There are altogether 15 other allied health professionals, and many do wish to be included. Singapore Physiotherapy Association and fought hard and long. And they will be playing a more active role in your future career. So do support the body who has been and will be continuing to serve as a platform for the voices of all Physiotherapist and Physiotherapist to be (that includes us).

Join us today!
Click Here for more information about membership, or simply contact us.

I hope I didn’t get any details wrong, if you have any questions to ask me feel free to drop me a comment, i will do my bestest best to give you a quick reply (:


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