We will reverberate.

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Minister Khaw and Nanyang Polytechnic staff and students posing for a group photo.

Health Minister and us ! Thank you for gracing our celebration (:

Perhaps I would like to share with you Minister Khaw’s entry about his encounter with physiotherapy here In it he mentioned,  “As in many things in life, there are no instant results. We must have the discipline to work at it, regularly, consistently, and the results will show. But we must be patient and persevere at it”

He also mentioned quite a bit on the recent Allied Health Bill, upcoming Registeration and our education. Looking at these, we really did come a long way. Many thanks to persistent and passionate physios who believed one day we will be able to achieve these. Like what Minister said  ‘no instant results’. Even more we should not be deter that our course is only a diploma, that people still associate us with masseurs or that we are not being recognized because what we are doing now, what we did today, will be reverberated throughout the course of development of Physiotherapy. Patient, persevere, passion and pride.

We all took pride in what we have done for this event to be up and going, took pride in our profession, our course and our identity. And because of that I am so proud of all the volunteers who came down to help us (: Big thank you to YOU !!!!

Visit his fb page for some pictures and to be updated on the happenings in the Healthcare sector (:


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