School is starting, school is starting, school is starting! Loved my hols!

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School is starting in approximately a week’s time! How’s everyone feeling? I’m kinda in between.. Don’t entirely want to go back to school, but yet slightly excited at what sem 2 of year 2 has to offer. This will be the last long break that I’ll have in my NYP education, and I guess I can look back at it and tell myself that I have lived my holidays pretty well. But right now, I feel like my brain has vegetated, and I want to go back to school and challenge myself even more. & also, to see my friends and eat the canteen food! (thinking about $1.50 noodle soup and $1.20 masala thosai in the north canteen)

There’s going to be a mad rush for notes and the canteen is going to be packed again. I always wonder where the crowd goes to like.. 6 weeks into the course. On the first day of school, canteen’s like packed and you can’t find a seat. But I won’t say the same thing a month later. So.. where do all those people disappear to?

Just was wondering if the year 1s wanted to read up a little about sem 2. So here’s to give you all a headstart.

Anatomy – Pelvis, Lower Limb –> Bones, muscles, blood supply, nerve supply, action etc etc. the usual. Also include the anatomy of the skull (which was honestly quite challenging yet fun for me). trunk if you haven’t done so.

Physiology – this term would be touching on neurology stuff. gotta know about neuroanatomy – parts of the brain(cerebral cortex, brain stem, pons, medulla oblongata, cerebellum etc), function, sensory/motor tracts.. common diseases etc.

Kinesiology – essentially the MMT/ROM on LL. there’s also an added component of EPA modalities, ie. heat pack, ice pack, ultrasound etc. and also slight exercise prescription.

Biomechanics – a module that is 4 credits. i’d say it’s manageable and pretty alright. so not to worry too much.

electives this sem would be psychology. and there’s also a component of clinical education – 4 credits.

Am going to spend this week getting myself all psyched up about school, change my body clock a little. Hoping to revise a little, but then again, I procrastinate. So we shall see.

So how are you going to spend the last week of your holidays? Heh.

In any case, I shall see you around school 🙂 enjoy the last week of holidays folks. (:


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