Educational talk for the month of Oct.

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Legal issues pertaining to physiotherapy profession by Mr Hri Kumar

Personally, I feel this is a great opportunity to learn about the legal issues that we may face when we are working, and how to deal with it. Even better for those who are interested to set up their own physio clinic in future ! For those who are thinking of attending this talk, do not see yourself as a student when you are at the talk,. Instead, perhaps think of yourself as a working physio who have to be accountable  to your hospital and patient, how to protect your hospital, your patient and ultimately yourself.

For reservations, please contact SPA directly. You may still rsvp at our facebook event and we will remind you of the talk when the date is closer. However we will not be liaising for you 🙂 Reasoning being, it will take a longer time, than if you were to do it yourself, and that you might end up losing a place  for the talk.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused and we hope you are able to understand. Have a fruitful time at the talk (:


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