Appreciation is the best gift.

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Riding on the wave of “I love my Physio”, which is this year’s theme, we would like to express our appreciation to our teachers and staff for their continuous hard work and dedication (:

We plan to give each lecturer a board full of appreciation from the students.

Because one lecturer teaches more than one class, each class will be given a space (A5 size) on all the boards so as to maximise the space. In other words, for every lecturer who has taught your class, your class will be given a space on that lecturer’s board. I know, it’d difficult to put all your heartfelt wishes in that small little space we will be allocating to you, but we hope you and your classmates will be able to work those creative cells and use your imagination to come up with ideas to maximise the A5 space (:

Your Thank-you card can be  2D/3D, photos or just plain words. Frankly, its up to you and your class. Just keep the size of your card within A5.

Once you are done with each card, you can pass it back to us and we will arrange and put it up on the lecturer’s board (: However, do give us sufficient time to edit all the boards so I urge you and your class give it to us early. Preferably by Wed 21/10/2010

More information is provided in the email we have sent to your class reps.  Any enquiries, pls leave a msg here or email us. You know how to find us (:


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