HK Pan-Pacific Rehabilitation Conference

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Greetings from Hong Kong !

Barron Huimin and I are very fortunate to be able to attend this conference, partially sponsored by SPA (:

PPRC is a conference for physiotherapists doing research  to share their findings and this year’s theme is Mind, Body and Soul. All the presentations were presented by grad school students, currently pursuing their PhD, and they were about the different ways to enhance rehabilitation and home programs by engaging not only their body, but also their concentration, mood, stress level etc.

After one day of presentations and seminars, I am reminded, yet again, that there are many things to learn in physiotherapy. I am in awe, inspired and slightly intimidated because all their research are so extensive and impressive ! There is really a lot more work ahead of me in order to reach that kinda of level.

Tomorrow we will be facilitating the student-sharing session which will be attended by 70-80 post-graduates from Taiwan, Philippines, China, Indonesia and Hong Kong. Quite nervous because there will be a crowd… Have to bring out the outgoing personality in me. Any potions to unleash that?


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