Director List Certificate Presentation is coming soon !

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In case you don’t already know, Director’s List certificate presentation is happening on Tuesday 16 Nov. Strongly encouraged ALL physiotherapy students of NYP to turn up because you get to see who is in the D-list.

Keep your friends close. Keep your competition even closer (: HAHAHA Anyway, the following is the agenda for the event:

1) Certificate Presentation – That is why we will be gathering for.

2) Student Council updates – We will keep it short and concise I promise !!

  • Introduce to all of you what we are working towards , which is the Constitution
  • Official launch of this blog.
  • Presentation of the corkboard (:
  • Announcement of the new student council members !

3) YEP Cambodia – I am dying to find out how they suffered and whatnots. HAHA just kidding

4) Melbourne Trip – Those lucky people

Looking forward to see ALL of you there !! Time to test the holding capacity of LTH1 (:


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