PPCR 2010

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I have been meaning to write about my trip to HK for the Pan Pacific Conference on Rehabilitation for quite awhile now, but I just couldn’t find the time nor the energy to garner my thoughts and much less, to type it out. Finally found the time and energy to do so, because I’M DONE WITH MY PRAC EXAMS! 😀

PPCR was held from 24-25 october.. approximately(i almost typed proximally -.-) a month ago. there were people from phillippines, taiwan, singapore (us) and of course, hongkong.

It was one of the few times that I was participating in something as a participant, and not part of an organising committee. So it felt quite different. But I was thinking about the logistics behind this massive event – the liasing amongst various COUNTRIES, the catering( they had really awesome food), the student volunteers, the tshirt making for the volunteers, the banners, the signs to point to the various locations, and the arranging for the various speakers from all over the world. no wonder they took a year to plan it.

our job there was to facilitate a student sharing session on physiotherapy education in various countries, the masters and specialization which singapore doesn’t have right now. i honestly felt pretty intimidated and nervous because i was going to have to facilitate a session with people i don’t know! and it seriously takes a lot of heart and courage for an introvert like me. and i didn’t know whether they thought that i had a kiampak face, like how 95% of the people around me think so(even my closest friends) it went alright anyway, 🙂 smiles are like.. the universal language. and also because, beneath that apparent black face,  huim’s a very nice person!

we also were there to do some promoting about Singapore’s bid in hosting World Congress Physical Therapy(WCPT) in 2015. it’s quite exciting because we are currently one of the three shortlisted countries! so please support us!

we had the opportunity to also sit in on several ”lectures.” went for a session on ACL and Shoulder problems, perfect for us because we just learnt it in school. there were also graduate students presenting their projects.. just like how FYP is like for us. i could see their sleep-deprived faces. that’s us in a year’s time!

am extremely thankful and fortunate to be given this opportunity by SPA, and of course, also being partially sponsored by them. i’m very thankful to be in council. and once again, i was in awe of how much physiotherapy can do, i was in awe of the many many various fields that physiotherapy can branch out into. and my ‘hope’ tank refuels again.

above all, i’m extremely thankful for the friends that i have befriended through council. i have found a really really good, almost best friend through there. and we have really, literally, gone through everything together. so after all the planning of events, after all the countless meetings, after everything, what remains is friendship. true, sincere and genuine friends. and i’m extremely, extremely thankful for that.

it has been a wonderful journey 🙂


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