Time to reflect.

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“So, what makes people think that it is only the Council’s responsibility to drive things for the proefssion? What makes people think that the Council should see to it that this and that are provided for tohe physiotherapists in Singapore? Has any physiotherapist asked about what the can do for the profession?”

” As for the Council members, juggling with their full time jobs, being in the council is voluntary and definitely not glamorous in any way. in my current stint as Treasurer, I have come to know one thing. THere are quite a few people out there who remain cynical, and claim that the SPA is not doing anything. Frankly I was one of those cynical people until one day I became part of the punching bag. It certainly is not a good feeling when one is already trying to do what you can while people claim that you’re not.”

” Essentially, this strong sense of belonging(to the profession) has to be inculcated since our student days. Recently, we spoke about low recruitment rates amongst our student population during our meetings and wondered once again what the reason was. As a student, I thought that since I was going to be a Physiotherapist, I ought to become part of SPA. The student population seems to think that there is no need to be part of the association now since they have not started working and that the costs outweigh the benefits. Yes, there is a certain membership fee to pay for a period of 3 years as a student, this I understand that it could be a burden to some. However, it is the aloofness that scares me. It makes me afraid to think what will happen to us in the long run if we remain this un-united and unconcerned for our own professional body and fellow physiotherapists.”

“At this point of time, everyone may be thinking that this is turning into a ranting session for a young growing physiothearpists. Can you blame me? This is what I have seen.”

“what lies ahead are many challenges that we need to strive together to overcome, so that even as we fall and rise, we will be as one.”

“Perhaps, the actual question we should all ask ourselves, though it may be a cliche it remains true to the word; What can I do for the Singapore Physiotherapy Assocation?”

an excerpt from the Singapore Physiotherapy Association June 2010 journal, editorial note by Lee Sin Yi, Honorary Treasurer 2009-2010, Singapore Physiotherapy Association.


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