Etched in Stone.

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we had our very last ”adult” meeting yesterday, the last of the year because we generally take a break in december. i don’t know if how many of you all know, but the student council attends a meeting held by the (actual adult) council of the Singapore Physiotherapy Association each month. we sit in and listen, update them if we have to, and get t know all about the behind-the-scenes work. all the intricate planning and hours of nightmare proposing that goes behind one single event. none of them have it easy.

it still didn’t feel too long ago, where i was sitting in on my very first meeting together with my new team and my seniors, who brought us there. there, i felt overwhelmed.. felt the need to make sure that we start and leave our term with a bang, that we fulfil almost everything that we set out for, to ensure that we really put in our everything in making a legacy. and i can confidently say that we have.. although my current clinicals parter have no idea who’s in the council haha ( no offense K, i’m very thankful we are having our attachments together)

and although not many people know of what we do.. at least my conscience can tell me that i have given this council my all, i have really put in my best, sacrificed hours of sleep and study time, possibly ruining first impressions and friendships.. but i can be very sure that i have followed through with my best, even when circumstances (for those people who know what happened) wasn’t in my favour at all. i certainly did not join council for a certain someone. and i hope that my one year of effort has shown that i have substance. i can safely say the same for the rest of my team members – we have done our best, and to top that all off, our GPA hasn’t suffered at all, in fact two of our members made it into the Director’s List. so well done friends.

i am pretty for the idea that no one presents with true altruism. there’s always something in it for them when they take up anything, though it may not be the primary reason. i joined council wanting to build my confidence, i joined council wanting to fight for something. see? no altruism there. well at least i’m honest about it. but what i’m trying to say here is that, after those hours of late nights, after those cut-throat, ” i feel like killing you” moments that we somehow always have during our meetings, what’s most important at the end of the day, other than actually helping in something, is that we have learned and grown.

i can’t speak for my members, but i can say for myself that who i was last year, is vastly different from who i am this year. and i’m extremely thankful for the opportunity to be in the student council, being exposed to numerous activities(both school and SPA), and learning so much that i wouldn’t have had anywhere else.

and above all that, at the end of the day, what’s most heartwarming is that your effort didn’t go un-noticed. just like how your patients will smile and give you a throaty ”thank you” – just that two words can make your day. and i’m pretty sure that’s why many people chose this profession in the first place, to feel that the career that they committed to actually meant something to somebody, that they helped to change somebody’s life, albeit minutely. but before i digress again, what i most wanted to say is that, the above cropped picture, the picture that gave thanks, made my day.

because all that we have been working for, hasn’t gone un-noticed. so thank you, once again.

and fyi, we are only formally stepping down next january heh.


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