A Time of Firsts

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Time flies when you’re having a good time: it has been 7 months into the academic year and we’ve already finished our first year clinicals! Yet it feels like just yesterday when I made the life-changing decision to apply for this course in NYP and then soon after that, I found myself both excited and nervous on the first day of my journey as an aspiring physiotherapist. Then, I made yet another decision to join the student council and here I am today, as part of the 2nd SPSC, hoping to fulfil my goal of promoting this course and this profession.

In my opinion, the clinical placements provided an opportunity for us to reflect and decide if physiotherapy is the career for us. There were mixed feelings towards the few weeks at clinicals. Some were overwhelmed by the emotional stress (especially witnessing suctioning for the first time) that came along with the job while others enjoyed an eye-opening experience that allowed them to see the different fields of physiotherapy. Either way, I’m sure the year 1s had much to gain from this first clinical experience. I, for one, am ascertained that this is the career path that I want to embark on and am excited to face the upcoming challenges over the next two years!

Also, we attended the “adult” meeting for the first time last Thursday and it hit me really hard that it’s almost time for us, the 2nd SPSC, to step up. And we have extremely big shoes to fill! Like Huimin said, she wanted to start and leave her term with a big bang, and the 1st SPSC did just that. They’ve achieved all that they’ve set out to do and now the pressure is on us to live up to high expectations after all the great things that they have done.

It has also dawned on me that this council is not like any other council in secondary school or in JC. This council is a council with proper structure and we bear full responsibility for the direction that the council is steered. Honestly, I’m getting cold feet because of all that is expected of me but then again, this was why I decided to take on this role in the first place — to step out of my comfort zone to make a difference.

As daunting as the next year may seem, and as cliche as this may sound, we’re all in this together and I know that we’ll have an amazing term as the 2nd SPSC with our seniors guiding us along the way. I’m thankful for the guidance that the 1st SPSC has offered to us because without them, we would be like lost sheep. No, without them, there wouldn’t be us.

(It’s Clare actually…)


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