Take a Step Closer to the Future You’ve Always Wanted!

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Hello Friends!

If you’re considering a career in physiotherapy, and you hope to join us as aspiring physiotherapists, do mark the above dates on your calendar!

During the NYP open house, physiotherapy students and their lecturers would have a booth set up in the atrium to give you details about the course and the profession as well as answer all the burning questions that you may have! Also, you’ll be given an opportunity to visit the PT CLINIC which is a teaching clinic where, under the supervision of lecturers, students can practise their professional skills with REAL patients in a clinical setting. At the clinic, you’ll be introduced to some of the modalities that are used in treatment such as the ultrasound and short wave diathermy machines.

We hope to see you at the open house from 6th to 8th Jan 2011 at the NYP atrium , PT clinic as well as the games booth outside LT H1 and, of course, in campus with us as part of our family in the near future!!

(note that this course is only for A level holders)


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