PT Day: I love my Physio teacher.

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So in October this year, in conjunction with this year’s Physiotherapy Day theme of ” I love my Physio”, the student council did up corkboards for individual teachers. The purpose of this is to show appreciation for our physio teachers. We invited the various classes to write something nice for all their teachers, and we consolidated it for them. The corkboards were presented during the Director’s List Ceremony. Pictures are as below, if you guys are interested in looking at it 🙂

Dr Lam, our Neurophysiology Teacher 🙂

Dr Tan Chee Beng, our Physiology Teacher 🙂


Michelle Ng, our Neuro/EPA/Kine teacher.

Bernadine Teng, more affectionately known as ‘Bernie’, our Neuro/Kine teacher.

Shiek, Our Musculoskeletal Teacher

Patrick!! Our trusty and reliable lab tehnician.

There were boards done up for Rashid, Dr. Bala, Dr. Param, Vanessa as well. But unfortunately, we don’t have their pictures. We hope they liked it. For closer looks, you can always pretend to go to their staff rooms for some consultations and take a look at it. It should be there, haha.

With that, have a Merry Christmas(I know it’s one day late!) and we’ll see you around in school. Enjoy the remaining week of holidays 🙂 January is going to be busy, no joke.


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