New year, new memories to create.

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Year 2010 flew past with a blink of an eye, and it’s the time of the year (again) when people reflect on their past year, set new goals and pen down their new year’s resolutions. And then the new year begins and we struggle to fill in the correct year in the “date” column.

When I was much younger, I eagerly awaited the new year even as early as 2 weeks into January. I was young and carefree. I desperately wanted to grow up and to be independent. Now that I’m older, and expected to be independent, I yearn for more time and more days in a year because with each new year comes new responsibilities and bigger hurdles to clear.

2010 left me with many bittersweet memories that will last me a lifetime. It was a year of change — a change in environment, a change in lifestyle (which now includes a whole lot more studying!), and a change in perspective. To keep things short, the year went something like this: I made the decision to take the road less travelled to do a diploma in physiotherapy after my A levels, and then I had to deal with the overwhelming workload which I didn’t expect (I thought going to poly would mean more hands-on work and less theory-mugging), and then I had to adapt to the long school hours, and I was exposed to the “less glamorous” side of physiotherapy. I must admit that it was a difficult year for me but I am happy that I made a bunch of great friends along the way who got weak in the knees with me while pacing outside the labs before our practical exams, waiting for our turns. These awesome friends also stood by me when things got tough and they were (and still are) always well-equipped with words of encouragement which would definitely come in handy over the next few years!

I’m looking forward to the whole new, albeit daunting, array of experiences that 2011 has in store for us. I hope you are too! The year 1s would be moving on from foundation modues to modules that are directly  applicable in our future careers, the year 2s would be given more clinical experiences to prepare them for the working world and the year 3s would graduate as full-fledged physiotherapists entering “the real world”.  Despite the inevitable worries about 2011 being a hectic and difficult year, I sincerely wish everyone a happy new year! May it be a year of golden opportunities and joyous moments!


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