My days are numbered.

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My days here are numbered because we will be stepping down soon, well I guess in a way, the year ones have already taken over mostly. So we are still hovering around and lingering, (refusing to go on my part) and still wanting to be around.

So the exam/term tests are here. & I see how the people around me are panicking, especially the year ones. But I think all I can say is that, your hectic journey has just started. & I just wanted to share how I manage my stress.

Being in council is a lot more demanding than how we look. Some of you probably don’t even know we exist, or may not even know the people in there. But I assure you that being in council is a lot more demanding than how it looks like. Adding on to the outside commitments that I had last year, it was pretty crazy.

My rationale is that there’s no point worrying or being stressed. Because other than screwing up your emotions and spoiling your game plan, it does nothing to you.

Instead, what I did was maintain my cool and I ensured that I wouldn’t let how stressed/worried I was get to me. So in fact, I felt pretty at ease with myself and I just took things one at a time. & the thing with all these is that, it’ll come to pass eventually.

& if you have a religion, just pray. you’ll be amazed at what prayers can do.

& exercise too! (i know right, coming from me) but you’ll also be amazed at what exercise can do for you too. it keeps you alert, allows you to get rid of any negative emotions within you and it keeps you from falling sick – something that you definitely would not want at this point in time.

so whatever overwhelming tests that you all have, cramped up in a week or whatsoever, just remember to stay cool, take one thing at a time, pray, exercise.

and above all, never lose heart.

you’ll be fine, you’ll see 🙂


One thought on “My days are numbered.

    Tamlyn said:
    January 13, 2011 at 11:32 PM

    Huimin, thank you! This post is so timely and uplifting! 🙂 Was so encouraged after reading it. 🙂 We’ll all be fine. Yes, shall believe in that. So to all my mugging friends out there, let’s hang in there and press on together!!

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