We will survive.

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Hi! It has been 14 days into the first month of 2011, and I hope you’re still not writing the wrong year in your dates!

It is shocking yet amazing at the same time to know that we’re all already well into more than half of our last semester of our respective academic years. Sometimes I completely lose track of the dates as I actually live my school days according to their week numbers- “Oh, you mean we have kine prac test in Week 14?!”, “Eh, I didn’t know we had to submit our logbook in Week 12!”. Am I the only one like that? Haha. I’m someone who likes to plan forward so looking at what I’ve got ahead of me (in weeks again), I must say it’s gonna be tiring yet pretty exciting at the same time!

School work-wise, the work load is significantly getting heavier, no doubts about that. Things which we learn are getting much tougher & there were so many times when I found myself lost in the lectures. I’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg as a Year 1 PT student. Though tough, I’m just glad that things are making more sense to me now. We learn more clinical conditions & concepts, the lecturers are slowly but surely making us include more clinical reasoning in our thinking, and you can see the obvious difference between us now and us then back in Year 1 Sem 1, Day 1. πŸ™‚ So, let’s keep going, as learning is an endless journey!

Council wise, the busy Year 2s have taken a step back and now it is showtime for us Year 1 council people! I’m looking forward to what we can bring for the PT cohort in our council term, though I know that would require countless meetings after school or during breaks & lots of e-mails to read & reply to, amidst all the crazy schoolwork & other commitments which I’m clinging onto. So, to kick start the year, we’ve got our Physio T-shirts printed! I’ve seen quite a number of people wearing them in school already, and it’s pretty cool to go around spotting people in the T-shirt. It makes recognising PT people much easier now as well!

For those who haven’t bought/worn the T-shirt, why wait?! Even George our friendly skeleton is wearing it!

We’re people whom others should believe in absolutely so I believe we can all tide through this period of ICAs/exams! All the best to all of us with whichever tests we have to mug for, essays to submit, presentations to prepare for, and to the Year 3s for their FYP project! πŸ™‚


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