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Hello everyone! 😀 having survived “THE WEEK 14” of my life, i am glad that i am still alive and kicking. GOOD JOB everyone, be it for kine, EPA, physiology, psychology presentation etc. take a small break and keep the battle spirit on cos’ there is more to come! (: we can do this! hehe.

i thought it was all over when i handed in my last paper on friday. and i could finally sleep in late. BUT in the end, i was called to school at 8am to attend an immersion camp. making my way to school at 6.30am in the morning, i was asking myself why am i doing this on a saturday morning when i am so deprived of sleep! in the end, it turned out to be something quite meaningful. the potential new faces for the allied health professions!

basically, the event was aimed to let these youngsters understand more about allied health related courses. for the physiotherapist department, we set up a small handicap obstacle course and made a puzzle out of our best skeleton friend, George,  to let them have fun while absorbing the related information. The participants ranged from those who are awaiting for their a level results, j2s and even eager j1s!

The purpose of the small mini obstacle course was to stimulate the scenario of having half body paralysis, fractured foot etc with crutches and quadsticks. Hopefully this little obstacle course would let them realise the difficulty and trouble that a handicapped would have, and at the same time show them how a therapist can correctly assist and guide these people with their movements.

This day, not only the event managed to let more youngsters be more aware about being a physiotherapist (or any other allied health courses for that matter), it also helped me further experience what it means to be a physiotherapist. it also let me have a taste of sharing my knowledge and experience with others who have almost nil knowledge about physiotherapy before the event.

At the end of this event, I feel that the event has fufilled its purpose and let’s keep our fingers crossed that many of these youngsters who graced the event brought back new knowledge of being a physiotherapist and would eventually be joining us in the future, to help make Singapore a better place with world class health infrastructures!

Here’s some photo!

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and if you guys do not know, Singapore is bidding to be the host country for The  17th World Confederation of Physical Therapy 2015 (WCPT)! The WCPT delegates are currently in Singapore and will be coming to Nanyang Polytechnic for a site visit! Do say hi and show your support when you see them around in school NYP peeps! 😀 Hopefully they will be impress by all that we can offer to the world and let our dreams turn into reality! show your support at http://www.singapore2015wcptbid.org/ thru the facebook likes! it’s just a click away. hehe (: 

Lastly, wishing everyone a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR (: have fun enjoying all the bak kwa, goodies, soft drinks, steamboat etc!


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