Exciting Times Ahead!

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Exciting times ahead!

For those of you who don’t already know, Singapore is one of the 3 finalists bidding to host the 2015 WCPT congress! The World Confederation of Physical Therapy (WCPT) is an international organization representing physiotherapists all over the world. It serves to  promote the profession and to improve global health. The WCPT congress is a platform for physios around the world to showcase the most  updated and advanced physiotherapy research, practice and education. It happens every 4 years. This year, it will be held in Amsterdam. And if we are successful, hopefully in 2015, it will be held right here in Singapore! That’s right, exciting times await us!

In fact, the WCPT Delegates came down to NYP for a site visit on Tuesday. Audrey and Rashid brought them on tour around the school, showcasing the facilities that we have e.g. PT clinic, practical labs, lecture theatres. We even brought them to our very own physiotherapy notice board! Of course, the delegates were pleasantly surprised and impressed to see those lovely photos of our very own students supporting Singapore’s bid for the 2015 WCPT congress. A huge thank you to all who gladly joined us in our effort to show our support for Singapore’s bid. Bet all of you had an amazing time taking pictures! I sure did! Oh and special thanks our ‘models’ from the anatomy lab who chipped as well! The photos are up on Facebook as well, go have a look!

Prior to the site visit at NYP, the council was also invited to attend a Tea reception at the Pan Pacific Hotel. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet and get to know the WCPT delegates as well as the various physiotherapists from local healthcare institutions. P.S The fruit tarts were undeniably delicious too! Some photos from the site visit and tea reception below. More on our Facebook page!

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That aside,  it is amazing to see that in spite of the obstacles out there, there is always this group of committed people (the Singapore Physiotherapy Association bid committee) who work quietly and faithfully behind the scenes . Kudos to all! Although it was a short visit to Singapore, the amount of hard work that goes behind putting something of such a scale together, all the coordination, planning, and collaboration on all fronts. It was truly inspiring.

This just goes to show that nothing is impossible. Although Singapore may appear to be a “little red dot” to others, it is now time to show the world the myriad of possibilities and potential we have to offer. Likewise, as small as the local physiotherapy community may appear to be, we are more than capable of scaling to greater heights. Thus, even aspiring physiotherapists like us have much to offer!

Although the mountains of practical tests, ICAs and exams loom over us, it may seem that our lives are devoid of any form of fun and laughter. However, fellow comrades, TAKE HEART because we will all emerge as victorious conquerors from tough times like these! And we can be sure that all this ‘polishing’ is to ensure that with the skills that we have, we will be able to give life to others in our scope of work in the future, wherever we may be.

If you have something to offer, show it and do it. Don’t be shy about it. It’s a gift that you have. And it becomes so much more valuable when you share it and use it to bless so many others around you.

Now, with Chinese New Year just round the corner, the Singapore Physiotherapy Student Council would like to wish all of you a Happy and Prosperous New Year filled with exciting challenges ahead!




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