Sunshine after rain.

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Hello everyone, it’s chinese new year eve! 🙂 I guess everyone is now in their cosy home ready to savour the yummy steamboat, again. How many rounds have you had already? 🙂 The weather these days had been crazy yeah. Rain, rain, and more rain. Finally now the sun is out, but the wind still feels chilly throughout the day sometimes. Steamboat is the mega love, good time for bonding and heartwarming in this crazy weather.

Last monday, our year three seniors had their FYP presentations. That morning was stormy. No joke. It feels like it was flooding. But it’s okay, they braved through the storm and now it’s sunshine after rain 🙂 You can see the happiness from the pictures taken by our year one photographers. Their beaming smiles in front of the ‘WE SURVIVED FYP’ banner with the pretty balloon flowers we made for them. (Special thanks to friends who came over and help out in making the balloons, putting up of the banner 🙂 Great job for the emcees and photographers. I’ll upload the pictures as soon as I get them. ) I heard that they still had many other project presentations after that. Wow. Hectic.

Year one is no honeymoon. We’d been reminded of that since the first week of school. No more A-level studying styles. “Flunk the tiny common test? It’s okay, prelims are more important. Didn’t do well for prelims? Put in your ultimate best for A levels. Prelims are so much harder than A levels.” Everything now is accumulative. Every mark counts. 

The calendar now says it’s february. Time flies. By april, I’ll be in Year two. The Clinical 2A is definitely gonna be much tougher than Clinical 1. But that’s gonna be more akin to what we’re gonna do as a physiotherapist next time. 🙂 Most of the time, I find myself trying so hard to catch up with time.  The dreadful week 14 seemed like just last week and sadly that was 2 weeks ago, and next week the very first paper on monday is our Kine/Epa paper. I bet during our CNY visiting, our minds will be drifted to that… oh no… where is it… I remember that image of my mind map. My aunt’s elbow extension was slightly not in the normal range when she’s giving me the angbao. Haha. When we’re in the midst of mugging, stressing out, breaking down… Don’t forget to take a break, only then you can walk a longer distance.  Don’t complain, cause everyone is going through the same thing, you’re not alone. If it’s not gonna kill you, it’ll make you stronger 🙂 (I know it’s hard not to, I’m trying to be positive too. Haha.)

Enjoy your chinese new year people. Don’t eat too much goodies! Build up the muscles, not too much of fats 🙂


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