Bintan Retreat

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The student council was invited to the SPA council’s planning retreat 2011 over the weekend and we have had much to gain from this experience.

We spent one and a half days in Bintan’s Nirwana Gardens. The first day was dedicated to the a full day meeting to plan the next SPA term.

The 2nd SPSC sat in for the meeting and we had the opportunity to pick up more effective ways of running our council as well as how the council can serve the student body better.

The rest of the time was leisure! We sat down for a sumptuous seafood dinner at the Kelong seafood restaurant and spoke to the “adults” on a more personal level. They shared how life was as students and the obstacles that they’ve faced along the way. That left us very inspired and motivated to work hard!

We spent the rest of our night on the beach, enjoying the sea breeze and discussing our own plans for this year.

All in all, it was an amazing trip for us. We have bonded as a council and that would definitely help us to work better as a team!


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