What a way to spend our Chinese New Year

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For those who’re still trying to find the festive mood in this period (like me), CNY is coming to an end soon. Time to count my angbaos!

The economy is getting better, hope that my “ang-bao economy” is also improving!!

Recalling how I spent my first few days of CNY….

I tried to bring my Kinesiology stuff on 1st day of CNY to study. It was really tough to study when everyone else was playing away. (I guessed this doesn’t happen to me only right! ) Eventually, I succumbed to pressure and started playing as well. It was not only till the 3rd day of CNY that it dawned onto me that I should mug for the dreadful Kinesiology paper.

Having to think about the paper at the back of the mind while eating all the delicious food, steamboat, crackers and collecting angbaos at the same time wasn’t easy at all. But to think that I “used” my relatives to study Kinesiology —

  • Visualised the screw-home method when my aunt walked towards me to offer me goodies.
  • Observed how my grandmother walk with no initial contact and toe off in gait cycle. And has short stride length with big walking base.
  • Found out that one of my cousins has pes planus.

Thank goodness they didn’t know about what was going through my mind!! J If not….

What a way to spend the Chinese New Year! And “More has yet to come”. This is just the start of our 3 years in Nanyang Poly. Oh gosh!

But I’m just glad that the paper is finally over. One down and 3 more to go!

Days to the end of exams: 10 days :DDDD – Guess I’m too far-sighted (cause I just cannot wait for the holidays to come. – going to play all day to make up for the time lost!)

All the best for the remaining papers for everyone who reads this! J

~Live is short, but long enough to live. So live, love & laugh to the fullest1


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