PT students on YEP!

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YEP stands for Youth Expedition Project, and during this school term break, a team of NYP SHS students went on a 16 day overseas trip to Chiang Rai, Thailand. We titled our project name to be Project Share, Love, Joy and our objectives were mainly to exchange our culture as well as guide the Thai students (& teachers) with the English language. In the team were four Year 1 Physiotherapy students, and I was one of them! 🙂

Awesome scenery there, good food, good people, good cause!

As our main aim was to teach English, we included more practical stuffs such as teaching the vocabulary words for Colours & Shapes, Conversational skills, Body Parts, etc. The four of us were IC of the Body Parts activity, where we bought posters and taught them words such as “Face, Body, Neck, Leg, Hand, Arm, etc” and also included more difficult terms such as “Skull, Pelvis, Ribs, Biceps (without the brachii), etc”.

As the team was a juxtapose of students from the different healthcare courses, we had to come up with a course-related activity to be taught in English. For the Physiotherapy students, we decided to teach them warm-up & stretching exercises, as we received feedback that the Thai students love sports & doing warm-up prior to stretching the muscles can help prevent injuries during sports.

The poster which we did for the school in Thailand! We had to get help to translate the instructions into Thai as well.

Stretch, stretch, stretch!

The four Year 1 Physiotherapy students who went! All of us are from PT1002! 😀

It wasn’t easy for us during the teaching, as we had to get help with translation every now and then but on the whole, I hope we did leave an impact on them- that is for them to see the importance of English language as a global language and master it. We’ve left the stretching exercises poster with them & I hope they’ll follow them before they do their physical exercises!

Also, at about the same time, another group of Year 3 Physiotherapy students went on a YEP trip to Cambodia:

We physio people know how to care & serve the overseas community as well! 😀


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    ethel said:
    March 29, 2011 at 10:52 PM

    NICE (:

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