Clinicals and Freshman Orientation 2011

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Time flies really fast! It’s the final week of our clinicals. I was attached to the BOLP department (Burns, Oncology, Lymphodema and Plastics) at Singapore General Hospital for the past 3 weeks. I have indeed learnt a lot during this period of time, from both the patients there and my supervisor.

The department that I was mainly attached to (burns department)  is the only department in Singapore. I was indeed honoured to have the chance to be there. 🙂 (My supervisor told me that they only accept students for year 1s and year 2A clinicals)

At this department, I saw a lot of different kinds of burns, from electrical burns to scalding with hot oil. I saw differing attitudes towards their own conditions – from depressive to optimistic. I also interacted with different healthcare professionals as well- from doctors to therapy assistants and the healthcare assistants too.

Initially when I first stepped into this department, I did not know what to expect. And whatever I have learnt for my year 1 did not prepared me for this department. ( burns is taken as an elective in year 3 if I did remember correctly).

 I met my supervisor in the morning. My first impression of her was stern and strict. She hardly carries a smile. She introduced to me and my coursemate the emergency procedures and the people in the department.

We went on to see the first patient of the day. It was then, she totally changed. She smiled and did her assessment of the patient and continued with her management of the patient’s condition. After which, she spent quite a long time trying to explain to us what she did and rationalise it with us.

The day continued with us seeing another interesting case. The patient requires iontophoresis for treatment (a type of electrophysical agent that uses direct current to introduce antibiotic to the burnt ears to help in the process of healing).

And the list goes on….

Despite the short clinical period, I realise the importance of physiotherapy in the treatment of burns. I learnt alot as well, from everyone there. And I am so glad that I am able to do something for them. 🙂 I miss the patients there, the super nice healthcare workers, and also all those who went to SGH together with me.

On the last day of the week (15th April 2011), I went back to school for the freshmen orientation instead. I was involved as an OGL (orientation group leader) to help facilitate the year 1s and to let them know more about our course with 7 other coursemates.

The day started at 715 am where we were supposed to report outside the K garden- but many were late. We were served with Macdonald’s breakfast !!(hooray!) After which, we proceed to the sports hall where the year 1s will report. 

At 830am, the year 1s slowly streamed in. Looking at them, I suddenly recalled how I was a year back, looking blur and confused as I did not know what was in for me. The extensive research about this course prior to this still did not prepare me well as there was limited information about studying physiotherapy in Singapore.

After all the talks, We brought the year 1s (freshies) to LTK3 where the course manager briefed them what was all about studying physiotherapy in NYP and the prospects after completing the course. We had lunch with them after their mentors finished all their administrative stuff with them.

Soon, they were split up and mixed with all the other freshies from other courses under School of Health Sciences). The OGLs were split up as well! I ended up leading a nursing group together with another OGL from Social Work/ Social sciences.

My group (Zulu 3) broke the ice rather quickly and soon, we were enjoying ourselves. The freshies were very high and kept cheering and keeping the spirits up. Time passed really fast and soon, it was time to bid goodbye.

 I was glad to be part of the freshman orientation even though it was tiring and exhausting. Hopefully they made the right choice in coming here. 🙂 Can’t wait to see them when school reopens 😀

I would like to take this opporutnity to thank all those who made my day! My fellow schoolmates during the orientation, the freshies, my coursemates who went to SGH, my supervisors, the therapy assistants, etc.

Life is short, but long enough to live. So live, love and love to the fullest!




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