First week of school! :D

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After 3 long weeks of clinical, first week of school has officially gone by with some new faces as our lecturers and of cos’ seeing our own beloved physiotherapy lecturers! I would say clinical started off quite dreadful after one month of holiday where we could sleep in till 10am instead of waking up at 6. However, after the 3 weeks, seeing so many different patients and hearing so many real life stories from these patients everyday, everything turned out be be quite meaningful and awfully missed. sometimes, their stories really put you to thoughts.

Just like the motorcar accident which my classmate mentioned to me the other day during dinner. This incident involves a crash between a Lamborghini and a taxi which causes a pregnant woman to be paralysed shoulder down. The baby was expected to be due in 3 weeks. Now she can’t even carry the newborn that she has been carrying for so many months. All she can do is to watch with her eyes, but there was nothing she can do as a mother as much as she wanted to. And each time when it’s time for rehabilitation, her love one will leave the room and his eyes will roll into tears. the sight was just too devastating. This incident really make me learn to cherish our health, as well as the people around us. Happiness shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Hopefully after this round of clinical, everyone will really feel that being a physiotherapist is a meaningful occupation and this is the job for you; to touch people’s heart from all walks of life! 😀

Well, back on a happy note! One week of school has ended with a pile of new manuals and a few hundred spent on new textbooks as well as buying my new stethoscope! I am happy that I got the colour that I wanted 😀 Throughout the week, I could sense the stress pouring in with practicals and theory exam dates set and reminders from lecturers to start studying early, especially for MS! hmmm so in order to fight the stress that I have, someone special bought me BITE: The 8 DAYS EAT OUT GUIDE to eat up all my stress!

This book includes good recommendations of food from Brunch, Buffet, Burgers, Cafe grub, Chinese cuisine, Coffee and cakes, Dim sum, French, High Tea, Indian, Korean, Indonesian, Italian to local faves like Bak Chor Mee, carrot cake etc! With this book, you wouldn’t run out of good places to makan for a while! hehe. It’s good to de-stress once in a while in order to keep going to reach our final goal: ASPIRING PHYSIOTHERAPIST (:

And to the Year 1s, it has only been 1 week of school for you guys! Thou everything may seem foreign to you, give yourself some time to adapt to the new concepts of muscle plane of movements, to know more about the anatomy and physiology of our amazing human body and to love what you will do as a physiotherapist. It all takes time!

Motto of life: Work Hard. Study Hard. Eat Hard.


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