What’s In It For Me?

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“Why should I become an SPA member?”

That’s the first thing that went through my head when I was first told about it in year 1.

Actually, no, I don’t even think I really cared about what my seniors had to say about the SPA. What went through my head was more like this:

“Singapore Physiotherapy Association. Okkayyy… Can I get out of this LT and have lunch now? *stomach growls*”

THEN I was apathetic and totally not interested in the SPA and much less the Singapore Physiotherapy Students Council (SPSC).

NOW I have taken on the public relations role in the SPSC and am definitely a member of the SPA.

Have you ever felt upset and angry that physiotherapists are belittled in the public eye?

Have you ever felt annoyed when your friends and relatives gave you the oh-no-did-you-fail look when you tell them that you’re doing physiotherapy in NYP?

Have you ever wondered WHY physiotherapy is only a diploma in Singapore when it is a very prestigious undergraduate course in universities else where?

These are some of the things that I wanted to make a difference to and hence, I changed my opinion about the SPA and the SPSC.

I wanted to take on the public relations role because I wanted to make a difference.

More specifically, I wished that the public would look at us differently. I wanted people to know that:

  1. We, aspiring physiotherapists, did NOT fail A levels. Contrary to popular belief, we have chosen to go to a Polytechnic because this is the ONLY school in Singapore that 0ffers this amazing course.
  2. Physiotherapists are NOT Masseuse/Masseurs. We are definitely more than that!

That was one of the contributing factors that made me want to try to make a difference. It may not happen overnight, but I believe that it eventually will when THE WHOLE PHYSIOTHERAPY COMMUNITY comes together to make this difference.

I believe that it would be difficult for you to appreciate the intangible benefits that I gain from this.

Instead of “preaching”, I shall share some of the more tangible benefits that come with being an SPA member and I’d leave you to discover the intangibles as your passion for your chosen career deepens. Believe me, clinical placements would rekindle every spark that may have been smothered by the workload and you’d be more in love with your chosen career than ever before.

Okay, so maybe you’re not so into the intangibles/the “deep stuff”. You want to SEE something physical and practical. You want to know what you can get out of this.

Here are some of the many reasons as to why YOU should be part of the SPA:

  1. You would be part of a PROFESSIONAL body.
  2. You would have assess to subsidised educational talks that would help you to EXCEL in school and at work.
  3. You would get the chance to be invovled in many physio-related activities e.g. PT day, WCPT 2015, National Congress 2012 etc.
  4. You would be able to interact with fellow local physiotherapy students and physiotherapists.
  5. You would be kept updated with the latest happenings in the local physio community.

These are just SOME of the MANY benefits of being an SPA member. I hope that YOU could join me and the rest of your seniors in creating ONE VOICE to show our presence in Singapore!








One thought on “What’s In It For Me?

    Ezora said:
    May 12, 2011 at 7:13 AM

    Well said 🙂 our efforts may not be seen now. But believe it will eventually.

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