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You don’t have to live in Singapore long enough to get well acquainted with our weather seasons, we have typically 2 seasons that last us the year round; Hot and Hot-er. As though we weren’t situated near enough to the equator, we also experience the asthma inducing haze blow outs once in awhile which send you coughing your way to the nearest air conditioned sanctuary.

It is however very encouraging to know that many of my peers are sticking to their healthy exercise regimes and maintaining their physical fitness, some who have even participated in the upcoming Sundown marathon. I personally, don’t have such physical discipline to do so but for my friends who are fighting the good fight, I cheer you on!

As Aspiring Physiotherapists, we learn about the body systems and study about these interactions which help govern and affect the way we perform our daily activities. Apart from learning about the anatomical structures that generate forces that enable us to do complex tasks, we take a deeper look into the bio-chemical pathways, studying the physiological forces behind our movements.

Recently, I came across an interesting discovery, the Cool Glove.

“The device has been designed by US researchers, who say it can prevent athletes becoming tired and overheated by rapidly cooling their internal organs.

When a person is active, they are kept cool by diverting blood from deep inside the body to just beneath the skin of the palms of the hand and the soles of the feet.

The glove, or Rapid Thermal Exchange, created by researchers from Stanford University in California, is designed to cool the body’s organs without the need for blood to be diverted away from the muscles.

They say it could also help runners or cyclists who have to pull out of races because of heat exhaustion who could use the glove and then rejoin the race.” – BBC News -Health

Unfortunately, I was unable to post up the video of this interesting technology. Do check out the video link, you might find it Cool!


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