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Hello everyone! (:

All of us survived the first half of semester 1 and the 2 week study break is finally here.

I was so happy on Friday night that I finally have a night all to myself to do what i want. just ROT in front of the computer, surfing the net etc, without thinking the tests that i was going to have the next day. However, coming across this video just totally set my mind thinking.

It is a video showing how an elderly who was being abused at a nursing home.  I bet many of us, as curious Singaporeans, may have already watched the video, read numerous comments from people from different walks of life, be it on facebook, yahoo or other forum platforms and even commented on it. However, i just wanted to post this video up to serve as a reminder to all of us.

For many of us now, as aspiring physiotherapists, or students of other healthcare professionals, we are very clear of the reasons why we chose this career out of so many jobs out there. We have been to many clinical placements and have come to know many working physiotherapists. And if you haven’t realise it by now, most of them will always ask the same question, “Why do you want to be a physiotherapist?” I remembered once when my clinical educator asked me, ” So why did you choose to be a physiotherapist?” I gave my honest answer and got this reply, “Tell me if you feel the same 5 years down the roads after you’ve truly become a physiotherapist.”

Thinking back about his response to my reasons, the same attitude is truly reflected by the actions of the foreign workers in the nursing home. Some people call it compassion fatigue and it commonly seen in the healthcare industry as cited by one of the lecturers. He said,” We as healthcare workers fall into it unknowingly. Please be always mindful and reflective of your thoughts and actions. This incident should never have taken place, ever!”

Thou there may always be unknown contributing factors behind the causes of these actions that may not be reported by the media, we should never allow such incident to happen to the sick or the elderly. They have their respect of a living human being. If they had a choice, most of them would rather be independent, walking around and taking care of themselves instead of having others to carry them around and take care of their daily nessacities.  They are not enjoying an easy life, with sickness robbing away bits and bits of their freedom in life.

Being part of the healthcare sector means having the heart to reach out to others and to touch their lives. It also means having a hectic schedule with endless demands from patients. Demand truly exceeds supply. A easily spotted sight in the hospital. However, I hope that this video will always serve as a reminder to all of us, as young additions to the healthcare sector. No matter how busy, tired or frustrated you are from the routine of your work that never seems to end,  always look at the patient in front of you and look back at the reason why you chose to be standing there, being who you are. Do not let the nature of healthcare setting burn you out and rob you of your heart for the sick and elderly.

“You had the  power to choose to be a physiotherapist and you will always have the power to choose how you want to continue from there. For there is always a reason why you made your initial decision to be one.”


2 thoughts on “HEARTFELT REMINDER!

    C said:
    June 13, 2011 at 4:15 AM

    Hello, I am a physical therapy student in Panama and I have truly loved this article, it is very motivating and true. It has been nice to have the opportunity to read it. I am going through my first clinical practice at my university’s clinic and I have found myself a bit frustrated and feeling awful about observing the treatment of patients by some of the elder students, that are visibly burned out or whom I know are lazy and are doing careless things. I may not agree with what several of them are doing but they are indirectly teaching me very valuable lessons about patient care through their mistakes. One cannot be to lax nor too aggressive, just firm and seeking the patient’s safety and comfort. I feel very passionate about physiotherapy and I definitely do my best to treat patients courteously and humanly, and want to maintain the level of attention through the rest of my career. Patients trust us and have the right to feel better in their vulnerable states, even with all their different personalities and lifestyles. Good luck to all!

      SPSC responded:
      July 16, 2011 at 9:16 PM

      Hi C,

      Thank you for your response! It is very encouraging and heartwarming to know that our humble musings are viewed all the way in Panama! The Singapore Physiotherapy Student Council wishes you all the best in your future endeavours! May we all strive to maintain our levels of attention throughout our careers! We hope to hear from you again soon!

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