Final Year Projects; Our Pride and Joy

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Hello people!

Being a physiotherapy student is more than just learning techniques and using them. A large part of what we do as responsible practitioners is evidence based practice.
In an effort to promote the study of Physiotherapy in Singapore, here is our pride and joy, the Final Year projects of of seniors, the class of 2010!

Do check them out!

Interactive Games as a Rehabilitation Tool for Elderly with Dementia: A Pilot Study

Shoulder Muscle Activity of Badminton players in an overhead smash. A comparison before and after fatigue

Trunk muscles activation in different sitting postures during abdominal hollowing exercise

What is the Relationship between Quality of Life and Physical Functions of Patients Undergoing  Palliative Care?
Effects of Wii versus traditional supervised exercise on the functional fitness of moderately frail Chinese population
FIFA Pre Competition Medical Assessment (PCMA) with additional assessment components. What is the likelihood of determining lower limb injuries among soccer players?

How Does the inclusion of interactive virtual games influence rehabilitation of balance among patients with stroke

Is Strength Training Incorporating the use of gym equipment useful in improving functional balance in the elderly

Effects of Cardiovascular Vs Strength Training on Cognition in Tertiary students

Effects of Virtual Reality with Cerebral Palsy Children

The effect of Co-Cirricular activities on working memory and Response inhibition in primary school children


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