Just Because.

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Just Because.

Happy things happen. And sometimes not-so-happy things happen too. Some may just pass this off – “That’s just life.” I’d prefer to see them more as challenges instead.  ‘Cause that’s just how roughened jewels shine brighter. And because they are challenges, we have the choice – to face them head-on furious, or to take a step back then go into it, making calm rational decisions.

Sometimes, we are faced with things that make us just-not-so-happy ‘cause it stirs up emotions within us. Emotions are capable of all kinds of things – it makes us happy, it makes us sad, and it makes us stand up for things we strongly believe in. It forms part of the unique person we are created to be. Emotions are tricky, never easy to grapple with. But then again, that’s where choice comes in.

Then there are times where we do things because of this and because of that. But have we ever tried to think of it another way instead? If we take away the ‘this’ and ‘that’, and do things just because…just because we care and we share. To quote one of our friends, “we are more than this [and that]. Indeed! If we can care enough to want to aspire to be physiotherapists, to care for others, I believe we can care enough to care for one and another. That we may all grow stronger and better, together.

Just as iron sharpens iron, friends sharpen the minds of one another

As the pseudo-hols come to an end, and we tighten our seatbelts for another whirlwind ride through the second-half of Sem One, let’s strive to do things not for anything else or anybody else, but to care and share. Just because.


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