YEAR 1s: Want to do your part for our profession? Join the SPSC!

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Council is now recruiting!

Each council term lasts a year.

Years ones who are interested in being part of the 3rd SPSC, do take note and APPLY! (:

The 2nd SPSC will be distributing application forms in this coming week. Do take some time to make this important, life-changing decision.


Let me tell you more about my own experience one year ago. If you have been following our blog, I’ve mentioned in one of my previous posts that I was not too interested in being a part of the SPA so I wouldn’t even consider being part of the council, right?

To be honest, my reasons for filling up the application form despite the stiff competition from other well qualified “applicants” were really more personal than altruistic. I was very upset that everyone around me, including those who are close to me, had a very bad misconception of my career choice. So I decided to take up this challenge and it’s no surprise that I was very eager to do the public relations. I believe that my time in the student council has helped me grow in many ways. I have to thank my team mates for their support, and I have to thank the members of the adult council who have shared so much about the working world and simply how to be the best physiotherapist that I can possibly be.

I don’t know about you, but I personally feel that the 2nd SPSC has put in a lot of time and effort to make our vision come true. Although we had VERY large shoes to fill (the 1st SPSC set the benchmark so high that it was extremely daunting), we mustered all our courage as a team and we did our best. Now, the time has come for us to pass the baton on to the next team of passionate aspiring physiotherapists who would continue to work towards this common dream and to build new hope for our future generations and for our own careers.

Year ones, do consider this opportunity to work with like-minded (both students and working physiotherapists) to help you develop life skills that would help you in your career. These skills are skills that you would never learn in school. Come join us to discover the struggles as well as the proud moments that the physiotherapists in Singapore as well as around the world are facing.


(It's CLARE, actually.)

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