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It’s disheartening when your efforts are not recognized, not seen, not appreciated by others. Up till today, there still seems to be many people who don’t really recognize or know our profession. On a brighter note, recently, I made a new friend and when I told him that I study in NYP Physiotherapy. I was thinking to myself back then: Oh man, so now I gotta explain myself for the thousandth time that our course is …. and why I ended up here. (Well, you know what I’m referring to, cause I believe that everyone has gone through this and is still going through it, right?) But to my delight, my friend said, ” Oh physiotherapy… I know I know and I really respect them. I think that healthcare workers are the most respectable.” Then he goes on saying what he knows about physiotherapy.

Isn’t it amazing sometimes it just takes one person to recognize your effort, trust and have faith in you, then the whole point becomes so clear. In life, there will always be people who will put you down, criticize you for whatever you do. Ask yourself what do you really want? You want the part of you who will gets excited and hyped up ready to meet new challenges and meet new friends (patients) each day. Then see them smile, see them get well on their feet. Yes, that’s what I really want.

Set your standards high and never settle for less. Believe in yourself no matter what, but don’t worry if you stray because the most important thing is that you’ve learned along the way. Take all you’ve become to be all that you can be. Soar high above the clouds, and let your dreams be set free.


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