The “ultra-marathon runner”!

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One and a half year into the course, I am sure that some of you have thought of giving up due to the rigour we are being put in despite being in a polytechnic (and getting a diploma) after ‘A’ levels. Many would have thought that our course is for those who could not make the mark to local university and hence it would be much easier to get by the course.

I thought likewise too and did not prepare myself for what is in for me for the next one and a half year. Our curriculum is either filled with practical exams, written exams or projects. Even our holidays are filled with clinical attachments. In short, it is just like an ultra-marathon.

I wanted to give up halfway as I deemed myself not being able to cope with the demands of the course. But I remembered how I managed convinced my parents and relatives that this was the course for me and stayed on.

I chanced upon this newspaper article today from the Straits Times (here’s where you can see a small excerpt that motivated me further to continue with what I am doing.

It is about this polio victim getting a PHD from National University of Singapore. He overcame all the odds to get a PHD despite his disability. It wasn’t easy for him (I am pretty sure), especially being in a big and not-so-well-to-do family.

I am really impressed that he managed to grit through the trying periods. Looking through his “life story”, I realised what I am going through is so pale in comparison. Perhaps, it is not the load that breaks one down, it is the way you carry it. If he can do it, I am sure that I can too. There are also many working physiotherapists out there that have managed to overcome all odds and practise as well!

So, to those who feel like giving up too,

“Instead of giving reason why you can’t, give reason why you can!”

“When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the 1st place.”


See you at the finishing line!



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