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Have you ever made a decision, based not on how it will impact you, what benefits it will engender but rather, solely on how that resolution you come to will result in a shower of blessings to others? Not literally but in a incorporeal way?

Yeah right. 

Then again, the fact that you have already signed up and am already well on the way to becoming a physiotherapist should say something about the person that you are! You didn’t just sign yourself up not knowing what you are in for! After all, just how many people out of the gazillions are willing to take on that first step into healthcare? The seemingly-like Colosseum where you stand as a gladiator taking on an entire multitude of responsibilities and risking whatever it takes? It may seem a tad too melodramatic and making a mountain out of a molehill but on hindsight, with a single overlook, you might just cost someone’s welfare and life, not just risking your own career as well. Spectators are looking on, some whooping while others heckling, the tension and suspense up. So what are you going to do next? What’s the apt move? Are you going to preserve on and keep your cool, admist the perpetuating and never-ending hubbub?

You deal with not just the clinical signs and symptoms presented. You’re also taking on a multitude of tasks. You don’t just deal with patients alone, what about family’s expectations? Other healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, your supervisors, colleagues just to name a few. Then you go, what about the preparatory measures(studying) that i put so much work and effort into, doesn’t it count? All i can say is, theory’s theory, Pratical’s practical. They are as different as day and night can be. It’s not that easy, it’s never that easy. If you honestly think it’s all going to be just that and that, then boy are you in for a ride.
Nevertheless, fear not, this ain’t an attempt to ward you gladiators off. It’s a challenge. It’s a dare. You have come so far. You have taken the first step onto the frontline, do you have the audacity, courage and resolution to venture on? Do you have what it takes to be a physiotherapist?

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