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Hi friends!

We’ve all successfully made it through  (or at least nearly) the tough semester and the holidays are finally here! Do take this opportunity to expand your horizons and explore the different instituitions that offer courses in physiotherapy!

This short trip is more pocket-friendly than any other study trip and you’ll definitely be less likely to feel homesick! (:

Do pick up a form from J210!

Alternatively, the SPSC will be printing a few copies of the forms and we will be placing them on the physiotherapy notice board for your convenience! Or you can get them from your NYP email accounts. Alternatively, you may access the forms by clicking this.

For now, study hard! We’re merely a week and a half away from our well-deserved break!

Yours sincerely,
(On behalf of the lecturers who have spent time and effort to put this itinerary together.)


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