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Hello readers!

Hope everyone has been enjoying their holidays so far. For me, the best part of my holidays has got to be getting more sleep and spending more time with my loved ones, especially my TV! Hahaha. Channel 5 has been playing re-runs of old sitcoms which used to play during my childhood, like Under One Roof. I used to watch it every weekday night back in primary school for the comic relief 😛 If you don’t know what the show is about, just a quick summary. It is about a Chinese family, headed by Tan Ah Teck-the owner of a mini-mart, wife Dolly and children Ronnie, Paul and Denise along with their multiracial neighbours.

So just last week, I was watching an episode when Paul was manning the minimart for his father. A customer, a guy in his forties, came to purchase lots of junk food, high in sugar and salt. He was showing signs of chest pain (tugging the left side of his chest) as he was making his purchases. As Paul was packing the items for the man, the man had a heart attack and dropped dead at the counter, leaving Paul in shock. It got me thinking. Would things have changed if Paul knew what to do? The episode got me reminded of the BCLS course I would have to undergo this week!

For the year ones or those reading and have no idea what BCLS is.. BCLS stands for Basic Cardiac Life Support and the certification can provide some simple interventions to people in need of emergency medical attention. In short, the course focuses on stabilizing the airway, breathing, and circulation of a patient while waiting for professional help to arrive and where rapid intervention is critical! This includes the use of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillators (AEDs), two lifesaving techniques that can be used to prevent damage to someone’s brain from lack of oxygen while waiting for emergency medical technicians, paramedics, and doctors to provide more advanced treatment.

It is compulsory for us physiotherapy students, as future healthcare professionals, to be certified in these necessary life-saving skills, should any medical emergencies occur.

Here’s a simple video on how the procedure is conducted.

Looking forward to the course! For the year 3s, jiayou for clinicals! My batchmates, all the best for BCLS and for the year 1s, enjoy the holidays while you still can!


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