Council Retreat 2011

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What: A short 3 days and 2 night stint away from comfy beds and clean toilets to COMMUNAL LIVING. The 2nd SPSC organised a Retreat for the 12 new council members from Year 1, with the objective of getting to know us better, telling us what exactly we have “signed up” for and handing over the related responsibilities.

When: 19th Oct- 21st Oct 2011

Where: National Service Resort and Country Club (NSRCC)

Why: Bonding

Mood: Relaxed 70%

Brain at work 30%

Day 1

We kicked off the Retreat with a game of ice “kacha” (breaker), with the forfeit being; dancing to a Korean song. Unlike the normal peaceful game of Charades, our game of Charades involved shouting, jumping, cheering and even sweating. 

After Ice-breakers, the Juniors (3rd SPSC) sat down together with the Seniors (2nd SPSC)to lay down the ground rules of the Retreat. We had the privilege to hear the seniors explain their Vission, Mission and the steps that they took in achieving it; along with that they shared their ups and downs throughout this 1 year as well.

From this sharing session, we had the opportunity to pick up the effective way in which the council worked and learnt not to make the same mistakes our seniors did during our upcoming council term.

We had Barbeque in the night! The juniors were in charge of the Barbeque and we prepared the food; GARLIC bread, otah, chicken wings, satay, hotdogs, crabstick, beehoon and not fogetting marshmallows.  We all had a fun time taking turns at the BBQ pit and the Microwave oven. It was an enjoyable time where we could mix around with both 2nd and 3rd council members getting to know each other better on a more personal level.

Day 2

The 2nd day was dedicated to more brain work than the 1st day. Our day started at 9am where we reviewed the Constitution together, and our seniors explained in better detail what each role in the Executive Committee entail s. The most exciting part of the day was when we (the juniors) were given time to come out with a NEW Year plan, before presenting it to them. Within the 2 hours we had to discuss all the upcoming events and come out with the draft outline of it. This was a good experience as it was the first time we (year 1s) worked together as a council. We took this time to adapt to the difference working styles of the different people and did our best to come out with the most feasible and practical idea for each event. 

To end off our day on a lighter note, we has a sumptuous meal of pasta (of 2 choices) in tomato sauce prepared by our seniors for dinner, it tasted good for budgeted food!

Day 3

The last day of our retreat was just short few hours, covering breakfast and clearing up. We checked out of the Chalet by 10am. Through this camp, it has surely been a learning experience for each and every one of us. This camp has allowed the council to bond and would help us to work better as a team in the future.


The 3rd SPSC


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