Happy World Physical Therapy Day 2011

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Raise you hand if you were at Bugis/National Library on Sunday to celebrate with us World Physical Therapy Day! If you were there (intentional or otherwise),you probably would have seen us about clad in blue and handing out to you red balloons with the words “I My Physio” or coloured goody bags accompanied by our two lovely skeleton mascots.

Around the atrium were booths ran by physiotherapists from various hospitals that provided assessments or demonstrations, free of charge. There were also booths selling all sorts of home equipment. And of course, there we were, the SPSC there to promote the Physiotherapy course in NYP!

The whole event kicked off with the arrival of our guest of honour, Mr Gan Kim Yong, Minister for Health and his short speech to all physiotherapists. Next, a group of physiotherapists from Tan Tock Seng Hospital led us in a short Tai Chi demonstration. And let me tell you this: if you think that Tai Chi is a no brainer, think again! It really requires concentration and really tests your sense of balance and patience. I probably lack all that, seeing as how I couldn’t help flail my arms about because all the movements were too slow and threw my whole balance off, so in the end I found myself finishing the steps faster than the instructor did. And I’m quite sure (I sincerely hope!) that’s not just me.

Mr Gan on his round, and at the NYP booth!

I’m quite sure all the volunteers would agree with me that the buffet lunch was one of our major highlights that afternoon but no, I won’t go into detail about that. Just a whole bunch of ravenous physiotherapists.

Activities didn’t stop in the afternoon. Public forums were held, both in English and Mandarin, with the focus this year on the “3 Highs”: Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia and Hyperglycemia. Hopefully the forums gave the public the chance to clarify any doubts about those 3 subjects, as well as educate them further about it. Honestly speaking, even some of their questions really stumped me. It’s great that the public are more informed about such problems. Plus, listening to a forum like this in Mandarin just blew my mind. Hands down to the physio that conducted it in Mandarin, my head would probably have exploded with all the technicalities.

Changi General Hospital had a team of physios on the stage next to teach us how to use the theraband to do various strengthening exercises. And really, this is probably the best part because honestly, free therabands (everyone got one each!) and free lessons on how to use it the proper way? YESSSSSSS, super beneficial. A major plus is that therabands are rather inexpensive, can be brought anywhere easily and it helps you build your muscles. So much better than lugging weights anywhere, obviously.

Oh, and remember the photography contest that was held earlier in conjunction with physio day? Well congratulations to all the winners 😀 And our every own Huimin from the 1st SPSC raked in the 4th prize!

Entries of the photography competition on display

To end of the day with a bang, we did line dancing. And line dancing was way fun, even though the simplest and most basic steps confounded us when we had to keep in time with the music. I don’t think it really mattered if we could pick up the steps quickly or not, you have to admit doing it with your fellow peers makes line dancing cooler than doing it alone. Okay, watching the guys dance was amusing too.

So after my long, longggggggg post you’re thinking “Oh darn, wished I were there.”, it’s really okay. There’s always 2012, isn’t there? (:

And my dear phyios as well as aspiring physios, let’s give ourselves a pat on the head.


3rd SPSC


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