You know, I know, we know. It has begun.

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Welcome back fellow Aspiring Physiotherapists!

I am sure everyone misses not having a bedtime and ignoring the alarm clock. You may even reminisce waking up near noon and skipping breakfast altogether simply because you felt like it. Staying out late, traveling overseas, shopping, gaming, what have you. So anyways, welcome back to Semester 2!

I’m sure that apart from the puffy eyes and the dreaded alarm clock, nothing makes school like more bearable than having a bunch of whacky classmates. They will be the ones to tide you through the onslaught of test papers and practical exams. They’ll be there in cold sweat with you along the infamous corridor as you wait for your name to be called for your practical exam this coming semester. It’s always good to be among friends and familiar faces.

For the year ones, you may never have known that you had to study anything more than muscles and joints. Dr Lam will see to that. This coming semester will be rather Mind Boggling(if you get what I mean) and challenging. Memory will be stretched as Dr Param piles up on that with his lectures and lessons on the anatomy of the Lower Limbs. Cherish the times people because this is the time you finally get to see how different subsystems in the human body work together for movement that we have all come to take for granted.

Fellow year twos! If, like me you came back to school still in the wake of the holidays and thought of taking it slow, you’ve probably been greeted with the rude awakening that the practicals are coming in a mere 4 weeks. Recommended texts are being snapped up fast(or already have been snapped up; another rude awakening), so hurry down to the library and get those books! High gear kicks in as we start mugging to prepare us not only for the practical examinations but the upcoming clinical attachments which I believe will open our eyes as Physiotherapy Students. We’ve made it this far, there’s no looking back!

Courageous year threes have been juggling their Final Year Projects as well as the commencement of their second clinical attachment season. Do hang in there! It wont be long before you become Clinical Educators yourself!

To an awesome and inspiring semester ahead!



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