Look out for the 3rd SPSC!

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Last Monday, the 2nd (current Year 2s) and 3rd (current Year 1s) SPSC gathered for a quick lunch together. We bought Macs for 20 people and totally jammed the queue at our school Macs during the lunch peak hour haha. It was a good get-together since the start of our new school semester. More importantly, the highlight of our lunch was to….. announce the positions for the 3rd SPSC!

Since the recruitment for the 3rd SPSC began in July, these enthusiastic Year 1s have been through interviews by the 2nd SPSC, worked together to plan for events & also went for the annual council retreat not too long ago! ‘They may or may not know each other beforehand but I certainly hope that at the end of their council term, they’ll grow closer together & just have a good time serving the student body together! Just about a year ago, the 1st SPSC announced to us our positions & I was very, very calm with the results, despite me not being in the EXCO. I don’t know how the current Year 1s feel; some might be elated, some might be disappointed, some even confused as to why they were given that position. Still, I would really encourage you all to take things as they come & give your maximum in serving. You’ll come to realise that regardless of your position, you can still contribute in some way or other & for all you know, you might even discover hidden talents within yourself! 🙂

FYI, there’re 11 Year 1s in the 3rd SPSC, and their council term officially begins on 1 Jan 2012. Interested to know who they’re and which positions they’re in?


The 3rd SPSC will be revealed to the physiotherapy student body during our next Director’s List Ceremony so DO NOT miss it! A definite must go! Not only to find out who these 11 people are, but also to find out who has made it to the top rankings in terms of GPA in your cohort! More details will be provided when they’re finalised so do keep a lookout for the announcement here/on FB/Twitter!

With that, I hope the Year 1s/2s are adapting well to school life once again & that the Year 3s are enjoying their clinicals 3C!


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