Toys for lessons

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This semester, the Year 2s are taking a module called ‘Paediatrics Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy’ and for our practical lesson last week, we all had to bring a soft toy about the size of an infant for us to practise our subjective & objective assessment on! We were really excited & I must say that it was a fun and interesting lesson! 🙂 In Year 1 Sem 2, we were briefly introduced to the developmental growth stages from birth and in Year 2 Sem 2, we were back to dealing with infants who need cardiopulmonary physiotherapy. It’s a refreshing change after dealing with adult cases for quite some time. There’ll be more to learn about Paediatrics but that’s left for during Year 3.

The toys PT 1001 brought! Can you find yours?

Our lecturer teaching us how to swaddle our soft toy ‘infant’.

“Sayang sayang…”

Here’s an interesting Jap video on how to pacify a crying baby, just for sharing. Credits to Fergus from PT1001 who posted this up on our FB group!


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